In this video Adam is combining Flag Training with Casual Walking. The exclusive Pet Stop Gentle Steps Training is designed to show your dog where he can walk and play and where his Pet Stop Fence is so he does not leave his yard. Both concepts are important to the safe containment of your family pet. The training process takes 7-10 days or more depending on each individual dog; In some cases the duration will take longer. The following link to our website gives a detailed look by day.

No two dogs are exactly alike so a hybrid of this video series, our website and your knowledge of your dog can be combined to provide the best experience possible for your family pet. IMPORTANT! If you or your dog are not getting it, you or your dog are confused, or your dog is not using his fence you MUST give us a call immediately at 404-536-6770 It is urgent that you do the training as described and that you do not take short cuts or short cycle the process or your dog may breach his fence due to not knowing where he can go and where he cannot go.

After approximately day 7 you must use a retractable leash or long line to set up as many distractions as possible, out side your dog’s fence, so he can show you, without your help, that he understands his boundaries. It is very important that you put your dog to the test 3-4 days, after he experiences the pulse value of his electronic collar, so both you and he are confident of his containment no matter how strong the distraction is on the other side of the fence.