Ultra-Care™ Warranty, Choose Athens Pet Stop Dog Fence Systems

Pet Stop’s Ultra Care™ Lifetime Warranty

Strongest Manufacturer / Dealer Warranty in the Industry

Pet Stop’s Ultra Care™ Lifetime Warranty – Covers Your Entire Fence!

Ultra Care™ philosophy is that once you purchase a Pet Stop® You Will Never Buy another component for your electric dog fence as long as you own it! This “Nose to Tail” , Unlimited Coverage, is transferable to the next home owner and Even if You add Another Dog to your fence or Move to the Next Town. Ultra Care™ No Questions asked!

So What’s Covered Under Ultra Care™? Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

  • OT-300 Computerized Digital Transmitter – Up to 50 acres
  • Link™ Blue Tooth Diagnostic Rechargeable Receiver – Includes battery receivers – 100% Guaranteed Safe Pet Containment
  • Inside Wireless / Portable Transmitter – take it with you anywhere
  • Power Supply / In-line Surge Protector / 14 Gauge Boundary Wire / Grounding Rod
  • Battery Life of at Least 9-12 Months (Receive one free with each receiver purchase)
  • Boundary Wire Protected against Edger’s, Core Aeration, Grass Cutting and Lawn Care Services, wire installations about 6″ deep

If your Lawn Service Cuts it, we will repair it free of charge!* If the Boundary Wire is cut by a shovel, utility or digging it will not be repaired free. The OT-300 allows the Boundary Wire to be located easily within 2” by the home owner or vendor needing to do any work on your property. Call us before you dig 404-536-6770

Additionally, We want you to be confident that your Purchase is Secure

  • If for some reason we cannot safely contain your family pet, we will refund 100% of your purchase price, materials, labor and taxes paid – that’s 100%!
  • We are not Perfect, but we are a company of Integrity and Honesty; we will make you happy no matter what it takes, “Your Success is Our Success!”

Why Choose Pet Stop® Brand Products?

Pet Stop Brand Advanced Electronic Hidden Dog Fencing Products – Guaranteed Safe Containment!

Pet Stop Products like our Link Eco-Lite® Rechargeable, Blue Tooth Receivers are Invisible Fence, Dog Watch and Dog Guard Brand Compatible. NOTE: We are NOT Invisible Fence. Pet Stop Brand is the only Professional Series Receiver on the market with a 25 Year rechargeable Battery. The Eco-Lite is the lightest weight and the smallest physical size, at only 3/4 ounce, it is ideal for any dog, but especially dogs under 35 pounds where a small, light-weight collar really makes a difference. All Pet Stop® products are USA Manufactured imported raw materials, by the most experienced underground dog fencing experts in our industry. Pet Stop Brand Hidden Fence Products are manufactured in Morgantown PA through Perimeter Technologies. Our staff is made up of people who genuinely care about the health and well-being of your pets. Pet Stop® is dedicated to constantly improving pet fencing technology and holds more patents than any other electronic dog fencing brand.

Pet Stop’s GentleSteps™ Dog Fence Training Technique

Hidden Electronic Dog Fence Training: Our unique GentleSteps™ Training method works wonders, providing a humane approach to quickly, gently and easily introduces your pet to his new fence. Utilizing the latest technology, Pet Stop® is designed to provide the least amount of stress possible.

When used with Pet Stop’s highly customizable and advanced pet fencing products, You can customize your own pet’s learning experience to what best suits their needs – young or elderly, timid or excitable, there’s an available adjustment for whatever kind of dog you have. Our approach is so gentile, we start puppies out at 10-12 weeks of age. We have dogs contained from 2.5lbs to over 200lbs. No matter what breed, what application or what temperament, Pet Stop guarantees 100% safe dog containment in our State of the Art Electronic Fence Systems.

Our Product Warranty

Pet Stop Quality Electronic Dog Fencing Products: All Pet Stop® collars, transmitters and electronics are backed by a standard Fully transferable, lifetime warranty. Any replacement charges, such as shipping and handling, are nominal, so even should a piece of equipment need to be replaced, you’ll never be required to pay full retail price again. All components are covered for the cost of the component – no questions asked!

We are, “The Dog Fence Experts!”