Pet Stop’s Ultra Care™ Lifetime Warranty

We offer the strongest manufacturer warranty in the industry – we cover your entire fence!

Our Ultra Care™ philosophy is that once you purchase a Pet Stop® product, you will never buy another component for your electric dog fence. This “Nose to Tail” coverage is transferable to the next homeowner, available even if you add another dog to your fence, and available if you move to a new location.

What’s covered under the Ultra Care™ lifetime warranty:

  • OT-300 Computerized Digital Transmitter for up to 50 acres

  • Eco-Lite Diagnostic Rechargeable Receiver – includes battery receivers

  • Inside Wireless / Portable Transmitter – you can take it with you anywhere

  • Power Supply / In-line Surge Protector / Boundary Wire

  • Battery life to 9-12 months or your next battery is free

  • Boundary Wire protected against metal bladed edging, core aeration, grass cutting, and lawn care services

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  • If your lawn service cuts the boundary wire, we will repair it free of charge (boundary wires covered under our lifetime warranty)*
    *If the Boundary Wire is cut by a shovel, utility company or digging, it will not be repaired free of charge.
    – The OT-300 allows the Boundary Wire to be located easily by the home owner or any one on the property.

We want you to be 100% confident in your Pet Stop purchase

  • If for some reason we cannot safely contain your family pet, we will refund 100% of your purchase price, materials, labor, and taxes paid.

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We are, “The Dog Fence Experts!”