When introducing your dog to the Perimeter Flag Training, keep in mind this is a new experience for both you and your dog. You are the best person to teach your dog where he can go and where he cannot go. He knows you and trusts you. Cookie is a little nervous about her new situation. Why? Men have been working in her yard, making noise, fitting her collar, seeing the flags and now being walked on a leash with a person she hardly knows. If you need any help at all, please call us – Pet Stop of North Georgia and we will send one of our certified AKC Trainers out to help you at no cost.
Notice Adam is being positive, calm, confident and demonstrating pack leader qualities which help to calm Cookie. Adam gives clear direction about the flag training and provides lots of positive vibes, and physical affirmation through lots of petting and verbal praise. The special attention Adam gives Cookie helps her be encouraged and confident she is doing the right thing.
Please feel free to use treats if your dog is treat driven. Keep in mind that Cookie’s electronic fence collar is also beeping at about 4’ from the boundary wire. She sees the flags, hears her collar beeping and is being shown to run back to the center of the yard when she hears the collar beeping.