When putting the collar on the term used is “fit so the collar is snug” not to tight and not loose like many walking collars. Snug means that you insure the collar fits so both receiver probes touch the skin of the dog’s neck or the collar will not keep your family pet safely contained in his yard. In order for your collar to function properly, it cannot be loose. The Pet Stop Collar cannot be so tight that the probes irritate the dog’s neck and cause a “hot spot” to develop.
Fit the collar at the top of the dogs’s neck just below the ears at the narrow part of the neck and above all other collars. Many of our customers have only the Pet Stop Collar on when they let their dog out to play. Your dog can wear it’s collar all day long, however you must take the dog’s collar off at night so your dog sleeps in comfort and prevent hot spots from developing. Please give us a call with any questions at 404-536-6770.