Matthew overviews the “Gentle Steps Training” for the Pet Stop Electronic Dog Fence. ADAM, Mathew andTeresa will demonstrate both Flag Training and the Casual Walk. The Flag Training shows your dog were he cannot go, and the Casual Walk shows your dog where he can go. Both are equally important for the successful containment of your family pet. The Casual Walk allows your pet to learn where he can go through out the yard Comfortably.
Your Pet Stop Team is confident that You can do this! However, if for some reason you or your dog are not getting it; we will come out to your home to help you at no additional cost.
When training your dog, It is important for you to be confident and calm while you train your pet through out the training process. Remember,  Be upbeat, excited and positive. Take treats out with you to reward your dog when he turns away from the flags, the beeping of his collar and your saying “WATCH IT” as your training word when you hear your dog’s collar beeping or when your pet is within 5 feet of the flags.