Pet Stop of North Georgia, Inc. Guaranteed Safe Electronic Boundary Dog Fence System

Our Industry Leading Technology produces a Boundary Fence around your home. The Electronic Dog Fence System transmits a digital computer generated signal through a wire installed on your property line. This signal produces a field from about 2 feet to one over 25 feet. The field is your Fence Zone. Pet Stop DM Technology guarantees that your family pet will never receive an accidental shock or be interfered with by any other signal in or around your home. The Electronic Dog Fence System is guaranteed to keep your family pet safely contained inside this Boundary Field. The Pet Stop field is made up of a Smart Zone which gives a beeping warning that your dog is approaching an area he should not enter. The Smart Boundary Zone allows the dog plenty of time to turn around preventing your family pet from breaching the field and leaving your yard.

If the dog enters the Fail Safe Boundary Zone, chasing a squirrel, bird, deer or neighbor jogging,  the Receiver will activate with a pulse that directs the dog away from the Electronic Pet Fence Line. This Immediate Correction, in the Fail Safe Zone, safely prevents the dog from crossing the Boundary Wire at the property line. Take a look at our video and give Mike Sinteff a call at 404-536-6770