Electronic Dog Fence Installations:

Installing your Pet Stop system involves four steps that our skilled Pet Stop installers are happy to explain in more detail. They’ll get you started from day one by assisting you throughout the process. Be sure to call us out today for a free on-site evaluation. Our installers have not less than 10 years’ experience installing Pet Stop and are also Certified Dog Trainers. (Adam, Matthew, Jason, Scott, Wesley, Nathan and Mike are your local Pet Stop Installers)

Bury the commercial grade 14 gauge/50 mil. Jacketed life time boundary wire in the location ideal for your specific yard and dog. We will walk the area with you and explain exactly what, where and how the wire will be installed. We will have your utilities marked, activate your sprinkler system and bury your wire 6″ deep protecting it from the work of your landscaper and lawn man.

Install the Digitally Modulating Pet Stop signaling OT-300 Transmitter and all other Computerized Electronics in a convenient location.

Fit and customize your pet’s receiver with the program that’s best for you and your pet’s breed, personality and disposition. We will flag your new fence and train your dog with you. You will receive a complete orientation to your new Pet Stop Dog Fence before we leave your home. The installation usually takes 3-4 hours for a one acre property.

Perform the initial training session to ensure your pet is properly introduced it their new system. We are available by phone and in person should you have any questions or concerns after the Professional Installation and Gentle-Step Training. We will come out at no charge when ever needed to assist you as needed!

We are, “The Dog Fence Experts!”