Brand Comparison

Cross Brand Compatible:

Because of Pet Stop Brands, Made in the USA Technology we are able to program Pet Stop collars to work on Invisible Fence, Dog Watch, Dog Guard and Pet Safe Brands. Pet Stop also offers batteries, at a cost savings, that are functional in these brands. Give us a call today if you need a receiver to work with your existing transmitter, or if you want to swap your current system with a state of the art Pet Stop Brand Electronic Hidden Dog Fence System.
Pet Stop of Atlanta, Athens, or Greenville will match or beat any documented Brand Price for Invisible Fence, Dog Watch or Dog Guard Brands. Get your best price and then call us at 404-536-6770

Lightest Collar in the Industry:

Pet Stop Brand offers, the smallest lightest collar at .7 ounces. This light weight collar is worn by dogs as small as 2.5lbs and up to dogs weighing close to 200lbs. This collar offers thousands of Programing options, and is guaranteed to keep your dog safely contained. Pet Stop’s Eco-Lite and Link Receivers are 100% waterproof including your swimming pool, pond, River or lake. These collars are unique in the Pet Containment Industry.

Rechargeable Collar:

Pet Stop offers the only collar that is internally rechargeable. The Eco-Lite and Link Receivers are rechargeable for about 25yrs and each charge lasts about one month.  This is an option that no other Brand Hidden Dog Fence offers. Made in American Technology is Noses and Tails ahead of the rest of the pack.

Made in the USA:

Pet Stop of North Georgia, Pet Stop of Athen, Pet Stop of Greenville are family owned and operated. The Sinteff family has been in the the pet services business for over 23 years. We are proud that our Pet Stop Brand, manufactured by Perimeter Technologies, is Made in America. We are proud to be locally owned and operated. If you have any questions, please call our company owner / Adam Sinteff at 404-536-6770 

Diagnostic Collars:

Pet Stop Brand Technology offers Eco-Lite and Link Collars that are Diagnostic. These receiver/collars and diagnostic charging stands tell you if something is wrong with your dog’s collar long before your dog figures his 

Electronic Dog Fence is no longer working. Pet Stop outsmarts the rest of the pack by providing you collars that are smart enough to let you know they are not passing the seven point diagnostic test. Working, while hanging around the neck of a super busy dog, is a tough place to earn a living, but our collars hang around their neck year after year. Pet Stop’s “Safer By Design for Greater Peace of Mind” technology puts Pet Stop Head and Shoulders above other Brands.

Fastest Collar Activation Speed:

Pet Stop’s no run through Programing allows our collars to activate in 70 milliseconds. This is faster than you can blink your eye. Your Pet Stop Brand Receiver, and Pet Stop’s “Stopper Technology” allows our Eco-Lite and Link Receivers to activate before your family pet can breech his Pet Stop Fence. This ability is built into the communication and transmission of our OT-300 Computer Transmitter and Pet Stop’s State of The Art Receivers. Unlike Invisible Fence Brand, Pet Stop Brand does not program our collars with the option for your dog to run in and out of his fence. In our markets, there are leash laws that do not allow for your dog to be running loose. We never program our collars to, by design, allow your precious Pup to run freely in and out of his containment fence.

Stubborn Dog Programing:

Pet Stop of Atlanta, Athen and Greenville have receivers with thousands of Programing options. Pet Stop in these three markets service areas in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina and offers activation values of 6v, 7.5v and 12v options. We contain even the most determined dogs. Is your dog consistently running out of your Invisible Fence Brand Dog Fence? Give us a call today for a Free On-Site Evaluation of your Current System so we can assist you with your Stubborn Dog. He is a sweet dog who just needs “the right underground dog fence” to keep him contained.

Edge to Edge Technology:

Pet Stop Brand, made by Perimeter Technologies, LLC, provides Programing that allows your dog to get within about 18” of your boundary wire. This advanced Electronic Dog Fence Technology is ideal for narrow lots, small areas, and townhouse applications.

Customer Controls Fence: 

Pet Stop offers a Link App which allows you 50+ interactions between your Smart Phone, Your Dog’s Collar and your dog fence, it’s professionally installed on your property. No other Brand offers this level of Smart Phone and Smart Fence Technology. After our Installer, with not less than 10 years of experience, a certified dog trainer, installs your fence, he will help you install the Pet Stop Link App and set it up with you to your 100% Satisfaction. Pet Stop puts you in the driver’s seat; we trust you and so does your dog.

Customer Programable:

Pet Stop’s Blue Tooth Connectivity allows you to program your dog’s electronic fence as well as his patented Link Receiver. Invisible Fence Brand often requires you to mail your dog’s collar in to them or schedule a service call to program your dog’s collar. We will teach you to manage your entire dog’s fence and collar, or we will handle 100% of the process for you from our Smart Phone to your Smart Phone. With Pet Stop you have access to both sides of the fence.

Computer Modulation OT-300 Transmitter: 

Pet Stop Brand offers the pet owner more modulation settings and programming options. Pet Stop Brand is the best at dealing with false activations. For example, the OT-300 Transmitter transmits twice as many modulation options as Invisible Fence, Dog Watch, Dog Guard and Pet Safe Brands. The modulation flexibility is what allows Pet Stop Cross Brand Programmability. Pet Stop OT-300 Transmitter Modulates 4, 7, 10, and 15KHZ settings. Other Brands do not offer this Level of Programing. Pet Stop collars are also bi-functional in that they are guaranteed to activate accurately. Contrary to Dog Watch of Atlanta’s and Athen’s claims, Pet Stop DM Technology, Transmissions and KHZ settings makes Pet Stop installations accurate and multifunctional as well as programable.

We are, “The Dog Fence Experts!”