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Electric Dog Fence Installation Services

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Best Electronic Dog Fence by Pet Stop® Brand

PROUDLY INSTALLING ELECTRIC DOG FENCES FOR 25+ Years – We are a Family Locally Owned and Operated Business. North Western SC and all North East Georgia. Adam, Mike and Matthew Sinteff are happy to answer your questions right now! Please give us a call – In the Up State of North West SC area 864-626-4994 – In North East GA area 404-536-6770

Pet Stop® Dog Fence Systems and Perimeter Technologies, Inc. combines to give the Athens market the most technologically advanced Electronic Dog Fence in the pet containment market today. Adam Sinteff and his team have the most experience available with 25+ years, installing about 500 Hidden Dog Fences each year. We are a family owned and locally operated business. Adam, Matthew, Mike and Perimeter’s Blue Tooth Technologies, Inc. offer Commercial Grade Electronic Computerized Hidden Dog Fence Products. All installations are 100% money back guaranteed installations, with life-time containment and boundary wire warranties. Pet Stop® of Athens and North East SC install the most Advanced Digital, Computer Equipment, accompanied by our Gentile Steps™ Electronic Dog Fence Training System. This Gentle Steps™ System is not offered by Invisible Fence®, Dog Watch® Brands, or the DIY product from Superior Dog Fence. We also offer the strongest Manufacturer’s Warranty/Guarantee in the industry called “Ultra Care™ Coverage”.

Atlanta’s Best Electric Dog Fence

Industry Leading Technology – Best Hidden Dog Fence

The Sinteff Family has been in business over 25 years. We are locally family owned and operated. Adam Sinteff is the approved Pet Stop® Commercial Dealer for Perimeter Technologies. Pet Stop is not a DIY product. Our Technology is unsurpassed in the Electronic Hidden Dog Fence Industry. We are a Christian Family and a Christian Business. We do things the Right Way for the Right Reason.

We are In Business to Service You and Your Family Pet. We Strive for Perfection and are Grateful for a 4.9 on Over 375 Reviews. We Stand Behind Our Services with a 100% Money Back Guarantee on Every Pet Stop Installation, Guaranteeing Your Satisfaction or We Refund 100% of Your Purchase Price.

We install about 500 Electronic Dog Fence Systems each year. We also provide Invisible Fence® Compatible Products like Batteries and Receivers. Pet Stop® Brand is manufactured, and assembled in the USA from imported raw materials unlike Invisible Fence® and Dog Watch Brands both Made in China. Invisible Fence® and Dog Watch® Brands are Direct Competitors of Pet Stop® Brand and Perimeter Technologies. Pet Stop is Cross Brand Compatible with these products, Our Technology is Unmatched in the Electric Hidden Dog Fence Industry. When you call Pet Stop® at 404-536-6770 you will reach Pamela, Adam, Matthew, Jason or Mike and not a Call Center. Call Now and Install with Pet Stop® This Week!

Charging Station Plus

Patented technology that tests your receiver every time it’s charged giving you Peace of Mind that you’ll discover any problems before your pet.

Eco-Lite™ System w/Link™ Blue Tooth Technology

The Eco-Lite Plus™ Receiver is State-of-the-Art in Electronic Dog Fence Technology. No more Invisible Fence Brand batteries to replace every 3 months or Dog Watch Battery Collars Weighing about 4.2 ounces fully assembled which is about 6 times the weight of the Pet Stop Brand Link Receiver . Eco-Lite and Link Receivers are the first Professional-Grade Receiver that permits 25 Year Recharging, for 2-3 Hours, Lasting 2-4 weeks on each charge. It’s smallest, lightest at .7 ounces and features a Pet Stop App with Blue Tooth Control from your Smart Phone. Link™ comes with a Pet Stop Charging Station Plus™ (Diagnostics with a 7 Point Testing Sequence that checks your Link Receiver for faults every time it’s charged), giving you Peace of Mind that you’ll discover any problems before your dog does. This is truly “Safer By Design Technology for Greater Piece of Mind”

One of the many features of the Eco-Lite Link Receiver is its versatility. Previously containing highly determined dogs required replacing the receiver, scheduling a service call with your dealer or mailing your dog’s collar to their office, but no longer. With Pet Stop Link it is as easy as changing a setting in your Pet Stop App; thanks to Blue Tooth Technology you now have complete control over your Pet Stop Electronic Dog Fence and your dog’s Link Receiver at your fingertips. Just another reason to choose Pet Stop Brand. Of course, the Link Blue Tooth comes standard with Ultra-Care Plus™ coverage. This technology is not offered by Invisible Fence or Dog Watch Brands.

The Night Light Feature allows you to remotely activate a light allowing you to track your pet at night more easily. A Bright Blinking Light Flashes every 2-3 Seconds! Simply turn your Night Light on before you let your dog out into his Pet Stop Fence and keep and eye on his while his is out in the yard.

Our integrated Remote Training Feature allows you to use your containment collar and your Smart Phone as a Training Collar; That’s Right, FINALLY!, Two Collars in One. The industry’s only Professional System combining both features into one Receiver, while giving you separate correction level control for your fence settings also. This feature is great to help break any type nuisance habits like jumping, counter-surfing and excessive barking to name a few. Corrections Can be made up to 125 feet depending on your Smart Phone’s Blue Tooth Range.


You can also control your Dog’s Correction Level for the Pet Stop Electric Fence out in the yard. You have complete control of your Underground Fence System right at your fingertips. Gentile Steps™ Training allows you to control the correction value while your dog is in his Training Phase. Only Pet Stop offers a Gentle Approach to Training your pet. Your Installer will show you how everything works so you’ll know exactly what to do! This Really is Fence Training Made Easy.

Link takes all the worry out of Dog Fence Ownership by using Bluetooth Technology to keep you, your pet, your Dealer and the manufacturer all connected. Not only can Link keep you up to date on your pet’s activity and a complete system status, but it also link’s back to your Dealer and the manufacturer, giving you Peace of Mind that we are all working together to keep your pet safe. The beauty of Linking everyone together is having the ability of changing a setting if needed. Your Dealer can even simply send updated program settings to your phone, you connect your phone to the pet’s collar and the new program transfers from your phone to the dog’s collar. Access to all of the system features is right there at your fingertips. Invisible Fence Brand, Dog Watch Brand and most Retail over the counter Brands or through Amazon are all manufactured in China and lack this American Technology manufactured right into your Pet Stop Fencing System.

Communicate with Your Pet Stop of North Georgia, Inc. Dealer Real Time – With just a simple click you can contact us for any reason to obtain Service, Ask a Question or Give Us Feedback about your system by email, phone call or by text. LinkTM Blue Tooth technology makes it all so easy.

With Link you’ll always be able to check the battery level in your receiver with an easy to read visual. Link has a closed battery system, making it 100% water proof for pool, river and lake access, that recharges for up to 25 years, charges lasts 4-6 weeks, recharges in 2-3 hours and is completely diagnostic. When the Link Receiver needs to be charged you’ll receive notice on your mobile device in addition to the Receiver’s low battery light blinking for up to 7 days giving you plenty of time to charge it. Simply charge your Receiver over night and place the collar on your dog in the morning!


Imagine a Pet Stop Blue Tooth System that actually Monitors your Pet’s Behavior and Sends you Notifications on your Smart Phone’s Link App if a setting needs to be changed, alerts you to your dog’s behavior in his fence or that over the next 5-7 days your Link™ needs charging. You make the needed adjustment without a Service Call or having to mail the collar to the dealer’s office to make a programing change. No other company offers Technology Like Pet Stop. Link Technology is simply amazing. You Control Everything! It’s all there at your fingertips.


Our Commercially Manufactured System Really is Superior — Pet Stop’s Technology gives you Complete Assurance that your pet will be Safe and Secure. Our system includes a Computerized Receiver weighing in at only ¾ Ounces, Diagnostic, 25 Year Recharging Life, Patented Probes and 100% Water Proof, a Digitally Designed Transmitter produces a Signal Field Stronger, More Accurate and Faster than AM or FM Transmissions. The Pet Stop Link and Eco-Lite Receivers activate in 80Milseconds which is faster than you can blink your eye and fastest in the Pet Containment Industry. Pet Stop Brand is, “Safer By Design for Greater Peace of Mind” Providing Best-in-Class Manufacturer’s Warranty called ULTRA CARE™ Lifetime Guaranteed, Transferable, Containment and Electronics Warranty. We will Contain Any Dog on Any Property or We Will Refund 100% of Your Purchase Price!

100% Cross Brand Compatible Pet Fencing Experts

We’re a family locally owned & operated company with over 2 decades of experience. Pet Stop® is installing electric hidden dog fence systems going on our 25th year in the North Georgia, North West South Carolina area. We believe we are the best local choice for your underground dog fencing needs. We know we can’t just say it, we must prove it to you every day, on each job, and for each and every dog! We Praise the Lord for 375+ reviews at 4.9 Stars. We are really BIG on America! Our Products are manufactured, and assembled in the USA from imported raw materials. Like Pet Stop Electronic Dog Fence Systems and Plexidor Professional Insulated, Lifetime Dog Doors.

Commitment to Excellence

We choose to dealership for Pet Stop® Brand products because unlike Invisible Fence® and Dog Watch® Brands, our technology is engineered, manufactured, and assembled in the USA 🇺🇸 from imported raw materials. Providing the most technologically advanced underground dog fence systems.

We are very proud of our staff and commitment to excellence providing expert pet containment services in Athens, GA and Greenville, SC surrounding areas. We average a 4.90 out of a possible 5.0 on over 300+ reviews! It is hard work like this that places us as a Top Two Pet Stop® Dealership in America installing over 500 fence each year. If you want a more personal experience, we are a great choice. We get it accomplished for you with the flexibility needed to give you the best possible experience.

You and your family pet will both love your new Pet Stop®; we guarantee it!

Invisible Dog Fence®, Dog Watch® and Dog Guard Trade In Specials

If you own an Invisible Fence Brand System, or any other electronic dog fencing system, you can upgrade to a Pet Stop® brand hidden dog fence system. Do you need a replacement for your Invisible Fence Mini Lite Collar? Give your pet the safety and security of a Pet Stop® Electric Dog Fencing system! We also have Underground Fence compatible batteries and Underground Fence compatible receiver collars available – contact us today for more information! (404) 536-6770

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Why choose a high-pressure, scripted sales routine and deal with a corporation based hundreds of miles from your home, when you could have a local professional who is dedicated to providing you with not only the best in hidden pet containment, but also dedicated to providing a personal sales experience that will suit your needs and not a corporate bottom line.

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